ABBA Chiquita Revival

Singular and unforgettable profesional show presented by the experienced musicians of the representative music group from the Czech Republic.

ABBA Chiquita Revival

The music group ABBA Chiquita Revival was founded in the year 2001.

This revival music group was founded with affection and respect for this timeless music and tries to presented this beutiful music and great show on its performances and concerts up to this day. During this long time we have never considered to end our performances. We try to make the performances more interesting and fancy every year for the listeners of all age groups.

Basic and full Live Cast

Since 2004 the music group ABBA Chiquita Revival offers its performances not only in the basic form of four musicians, but also in the full Live form of ten musicians. Moreover, since 2007 this music group performs with the ‘Symphony Metropolitan orchestra’ as well.

ABBA Chiquita revival in its two-hour performance  presents various costumes of this legendary music group and plays hits such as Waterloo, Mamma mia, Chiquitita, Fernando, S.o.s., Gimme Gimme and much more else.

We performs in the Czech Republic as well as abroad

ABBA Chiquita revival has during its existence performed hundreds of times not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad – in Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia– in the form of the four musicians as well as in the form of ten.

The whole programme of the ABBA Chiquita Revival is able to be completely adjusted for the basic form as well as for the full form.

Cast of the ABBA Chiquita Revival


Other members

Happy New Year 2012.

Thank you for your cooperation in 2011 and wishing you many personal and professional successes in 2012.

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The release of the new web presentation of ABBA Chiquita Revival

In the first half of May 2011 we released the new web presentation of ABBA Chiquita Revival. This group is since 2011 inspired by the legendary music group ABBA.

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