Josef as Benny Anderson

Josef jako Benny Anderson

Founder member of the Abba Chiquita revival in 2001.

Singing, keys, guitar.
As a musician acts in the Czech Republic and abroad since 1980.

After he successfully passed the international music exams in 2000 in Prague, he performs at concerts abroad (Norway, Spain, Canary Islands) with a music group Real music, which he founded in 1999.

He still performs with this music group occasionally.

His main occupation is for 17 years the sale of the musical instruments that is also his great hobby.

Previous musical activites:

  • Extáze – bass guitar, singing
  • Spektrum – solo singing
  • Reflex – solo singing
  • Melodic music –singing, bass guitar, saxophone
  • Real music – singing, bass guitar, guitar, saxophone
  • Abba Chiquita revival – singing, keys, guitar

Happy New Year 2012.

Thank you for your cooperation in 2011 and wishing you many personal and professional successes in 2012.

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The release of the new web presentation of ABBA Chiquita Revival

In the first half of May 2011 we released the new web presentation of ABBA Chiquita Revival. This group is since 2011 inspired by the legendary music group ABBA.

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Josef as Benny Anderson

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